Wild Laurel

By Laurella Fox-Pitt

Posts written in March 2011

Feeling fabulous

It has been 7 days since I embarked on what seemed like an epic journey but it has been easy and enjoyable, so much so I am considering keeping it going for a little longer, mad as it may seem. But I have learnt some invaluable lessons, not just that life doesn’t revolve around sweets […]

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Ancient super food of the Aztecs

I feel amazing, I can’t explain how satisfying it is to be healthy and enjoy it. I have done deep cleanses in the past that have left me feeling deprived and restricted and while this is obviously not a free for all, it allows me to live my life while being consciously healthy. There have […]

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Persistence & Pot holes in my Preparation

It has been a busy week of Yoga training and teaching but my preparation has not gone too badly, there was a cheeky Green & Blacks Butterscotch chocolate slip on Thursday but it was delicious and I obviously needed the magnesium hit! I even shared it with my father on our way back from swimming […]

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Cleanse with a Spring in your Step

It has been a long winter and some time since a chilly leafy green salad has seemed appealing. So after five plus months of stodge my body is actually craving a cleanse even if my mind thinks it’s craving chocolate. In fact for me this uncontrollable urge to eat  a huge bowl of pasta followed […]

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