Wild Laurel

By Laurella Fox-Pitt

Posts written in April 2012

Life as a Goddess

Growing up in a dominant masculine family with 2 big brother’s and a rather Alpha Mother and Father it has to be said I always preferred the company of men. They are easier to understand, less complex, made me train harder on the athletics track and never compared the size of my bottom with theirs. The attractions […]

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Bunny Marvelous

This Chocolate bunny is made with raw natural ingredients to ensure you enjoy your Cacao indulgence and aren’t left in a nasty food coma with a debilitating headache! Base 3 handful of almonds 1 handful of pecans (nuts ideally soaked over night to germinate reducing calories and fat content and lighten the texture) Desiccated coconut Place in blender […]

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A buckwheat Easter Treat

The Princess of Pancakes Buckwheat Groats (ideally soaked over night to germinate) 3/4 handfuls Almond, Rice or a milk that suits you Dash of vanilla and Cinnamon Mix in blender to a nice fine batter. Make your pancake as usual and then drizzle some coconut Oil and a nut butter of your choice. I love Almond […]

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