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Winter Elixir

Winter Elixir

I have been a little lax, eating way to many chocolate chip biscuits, drinking more than usual and of course not getting the sleep I should so it’s inevitable that a tickle in my throat should show me my body isn’t mad about the way it’s being treated! A night of no sleep with a […]

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Your body speaks…The food your body needs

The biggest problem is that over the next few weeks in the frantic social run up to Christmas, when we are tempted by continuous parties and indulgences, late nights and extended fun what we really need to be doing is staying healthy and resting so our bodies can build and restore. Now that I listen […]

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Pleasures Please

I have observed that we spend much of our time discussing and doing things we don’t want to do… And it seems feeling guilty about the things that we do want to do… Why is it so naughty to eat some chocolate cake or take the afternoon off to go to a gallery? Why is it we see […]

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Ridiculously Tasty Healthy Courgette Muffins

When a rainy day hits there is nothing better than hibernating in the kitchen. Following on with my courgette obsession and while they are in season I thought I’d share another recipe. My baking usually begins by looking in the fridge to see what veg I have, it somehow feels less indulgent if there are […]

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A Common Courgette

I love this vegetable, it is so versatile, user friendly and of course Green! While we mostly eat them sautéed or fried, (Zucchini fritti are too good!) I actually love them raw, grated or spiralised. My mother’s garden is always full of them, often in such abundance they turn in to enormous marrows! Rather more tasteless […]

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What is your Wild Abandonment?

What does Wild Abandonment mean to you? If you are a mother it could mean leaving your baby at the coat check while you dance the night away and if you are a gardener you have an image of your flowers ravaged by weeds. At first glance it can seem like a negative, something frivolous, […]

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