Wild Laurel

By Laurella Fox-Pitt

Posts written in September 2013

Ridiculously Tasty Healthy Courgette Muffins

When a rainy day hits there is nothing better than hibernating in the kitchen. Following on with my courgette obsession and while they are in season I thought I’d share another recipe. My baking usually begins by looking in the fridge to see what veg I have, it somehow feels less indulgent if there are […]

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A Common Courgette

I love this vegetable, it is so versatile, user friendly and of course Green! While we mostly eat them sautéed or fried, (Zucchini fritti are too good!) I actually love them raw, grated or spiralised. My mother’s garden is always full of them, often in such abundance they turn in to enormous marrows! Rather more tasteless […]

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