Wild Laurel

By Laurella Fox-Pitt

Laurella on the Wild Life

I am a yoga teacher, free thinker and hopeless romantic with a sometimes terrifyingly rational mind, the third of four children of two independent mavericks that encouraged us to explore and question. Never following suit, my life choices have taken me all over the world, studying, travelling, connecting and discovering.

We had an exceptionally kind, free thinking father whose life-calling was to better everything and everyone, from rearranging sock displays in shops to nurturing talent in all fields from theatre to finance. As a result I cultivated a strong love affair with seeking out the best, not the most expensive but the richest in terms of passion, dedication and workmanship.

Growing up in rural Kent with no rules or boundaries, our childhood was, as my sister once described, wild. But my parents cunningly used sports and horses as a form of entertainment. My teenage years were dedicated to bettering my skills as an athlete (we had hurdles and a high jump in the garden!) and managing my fiery temperament: an acceptable tool on the track and a hopeless tragedy on a horse. But horses teach you quickly and as I grew in awareness I was given my greatest gift – patience – on and off the horse.

Feel the Power and Strength of the Earth