Wild Laurel

By Laurella Fox-Pitt

The trials and tribulation of chocolate and other food groups

Having suffered with severe migraines as a child, I very begrudgingly gave up chocolate and all E numbers and preservatives aged 10, which is criminal…! Little did I know it, but I had made my first surreptitious step into the world of health and wellbeing. My not so inner rebel has since led me to create many delicious healthy recipes and enjoy chocolate as a much needed super food. Where there is a will there is a way, so whilst the first hurdle had been overcome and transformed the second was looming.

At 19, while living in Rome I developed severe tummy cramps that were often debilitating. Although seriously fit and seemingly healthy I became rather scrawny with an unusually large belly, as if I were miraculously 6 months pregnant, my mother’s face said it all! After a year of tests with top doctors, I went to see a nutritionist who told me to eliminate all wheat and gluten… Oh help! Try living in Rome and not eating pizza, pasta or paninis. But in just five days my tummy pains had gone and my energy levels shot through the roof, I was back! I had cultivated another level of awareness about how to fuel my life, what worked for me and what didn’t. Thankfully rice cakes have come on a long way since 1998!

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