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Raw Chocolate cups

Amazingness is raw chocolate in a little cup. So simple, so easy. If I am honest I don’t really have a recipe, my chocolate, like many things in my life is pretty freestyle. I just enjoy mixing, making and tasting 🙂 Here is a rough guide to how these chocolate cups came to fruition….. Large […]

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Everybody’s Easter Cookies

It’s safe to say I like to bake, Friday has surreptitiously become the day for exploring new recipes and creating divinely delicious treats to healthily indulge in over the weekend. This weekend I spent in the countryside visiting my God daughter Eleanora. Her mother, who has proclaimed total apathy towards baking leaves it up to […]

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2014…To give up or to take up

That is the question! Do we give up something we love or take up doing good for humanity? Do we give up being lazy or take up being proactive? What ever we choose for our new year’s resolution there is always a positive, so even giving up is taking up and something or someone will […]

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Ridiculously Tasty Healthy Courgette Muffins

When a rainy day hits there is nothing better than hibernating in the kitchen. Following on with my courgette obsession and while they are in season I thought I’d share another recipe. My baking usually begins by looking in the fridge to see what veg I have, it somehow feels less indulgent if there are […]

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Chocolate Sunday Smoothie

I was peckish and it was too cold to go outside so I made a wholesome filling smoothie from what ever I had in the house, not usual household ingredients I grant you but once you are on the chocolate smoothie path they will become staples! about 1 1/2 cups of Home made Oatmilk 2 […]

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Happy homemade Granola

The best rainy Saturday morning remedy, delicious Green Tea and freshly baked homemade granola. Grab a saucepan and place over low heat. Large Table spoon of coconut oil, desert spoon of coconut palm sugar or sweetener of choice, vanilla essence and lots of organic oats. Stir well and put on a baking tray, then place […]

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Bunny Marvelous

This Chocolate bunny is made with raw natural ingredients to ensure you enjoy your Cacao indulgence and aren’t left in a nasty food coma with a debilitating headache! Base 3 handful of almonds 1 handful of pecans (nuts ideally soaked over night to germinate reducing calories and fat content and lighten the texture) Desiccated coconut Place in blender […]

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Ancient super food of the Aztecs

I feel amazing, I can’t explain how satisfying it is to be healthy and enjoy it. I have done deep cleanses in the past that have left me feeling deprived and restricted and while this is obviously not a free for all, it allows me to live my life while being consciously healthy. There have […]

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