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By Laurella Fox-Pitt

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What is your Wild Abandonment?

What does Wild Abandonment mean to you? If you are a mother it could mean leaving your baby at the coat check while you dance the night away and if you are a gardener you have an image of your flowers ravaged by weeds. At first glance it can seem like a negative, something frivolous, […]

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From India to Mountainous Mexico.

In the last 12 years I have yogered all over the world and each experience has been a learning one. Some painfully so, others more mild but each has its teachings. This week I found myself in the mountains of Chiapas, a beautiful region in south east Mexico, rich in mayan culture and home of […]

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Traveling bugs

For me travel bugs have come in many forms. The first is obviously the desire to travel. Catching the travel bug from a recently returned friend, seeing a long sandy beach draped down the side of a bus or watching a film and longing for the fun and vibrance of a new city. But there […]

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Feeling fabulous

It has been 7 days since I embarked on what seemed like an epic journey but it has been easy and enjoyable, so much so I am considering keeping it going for a little longer, mad as it may seem. But I have learnt some invaluable lessons, not just that life doesn’t revolve around sweets […]

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