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Your body speaks…The food your body needs

The biggest problem is that over the next few weeks in the frantic social run up to Christmas, when we are tempted by continuous parties and indulgences, late nights and extended fun what we really need to be doing is staying healthy and resting so our bodies can build and restore. Now that I listen […]

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Ridiculously Tasty Healthy Courgette Muffins

When a rainy day hits there is nothing better than hibernating in the kitchen. Following on with my courgette obsession and while they are in season I thought I’d share another recipe. My baking usually begins by looking in the fridge to see what veg I have, it somehow feels less indulgent if there are […]

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A buckwheat Easter Treat

The Princess of Pancakes Buckwheat Groats (ideally soaked over night to germinate) 3/4 handfuls Almond, Rice or a milk that suits you Dash of vanilla and Cinnamon Mix in blender to a nice fine batter. Make your pancake as usual and then drizzle some coconut Oil and a nut butter of your choice. I love Almond […]

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